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The Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) is a non-profit organization that works to promote sustainable solutions to the problems that afflict the poor, neglected and underprivileged of Pakistan. ADP promotes ‘holistic’ community development by providing support for carefully selected social development projects in a range of sectors. Placing a strong emphasis on projects that provide an institutional change and promote a lasting impact, ADP, with the support of its members, partners and donors around the world, has funded projects in education, computer-based learning, health training, vision restoration, potable water and others.

In coordination with ADP, The Saturday Post has put together the following info-session feature which spotlights this young and rising organization that is striving towards realizing the vision of Pakistan where every citizen will have access to the opportunities and resources necessary for a high quality of life.

This feature has been written by Ali Syed, Omar Biabani and Justin Stone.

Students learning in a computer class at Nilore Village School, near Islamabad

What is the Association for Development of Pakistan (ADP)?

The Association for the Development of Pakistan (ADP) is a Boston based non-profit organization founded in May 2003. The mission of ADP is to enhance the lives of the poor, neglected and underprivileged of Pakistan by providing support for carefully selected social development projects in a range of sectors including infrastructure, environment, healthcare, education, gender equality, labor and food rights. ADP is a non-profit organization as determined by Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Service and it accepts donations that are tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.

What Motivates ADP Members?

Founded by a group of young Pakistani professionals, its members are united by a common desire to make a meaningful contribution and seek ways to engage and support promising development efforts in the Pakistan. ADP aims to serve as a platform to support and promote a generation of active participants who understand and are inspired to tackle the many problems that afflict Pakistan. Lets face it: community’s needs are rarely addressed by just improving one aspect of their lives. We believe that any change requires a multi-disciplinary approach. With the flexibility to invest in any area that a community considers crucial to its development, we believe that ADP can be more effective in having a lasting impact. The end goal is simple – give back Pakistan what we have gained through our intellectual knowledge base.

Ali Raza Khan holding a discussion on the future of Pakistani youth

ADP – Under the Hood

With the support and assistance of our members, partners and donors around the world, ADP seeks to identify, evaluate and ultimately fund community organizations engaged in significant and sustainable development projects. The core membership of ADP is comprised of members from cities across the globe – Boston, San Francisco, Washington DC, Lahore and Karachi. Members participate in all aspects of the organization, from project solicitation and evaluation to fundraising and organizational growth. ADP is structured, with three teams engaged in key areas of activity – projects, fundraising and membership. Each team spearheads initiatives and involves the broader membership at regular intervals. With existing chapters in Boston and San Francisco, ADP is planning to create chapters in Washington DC and Lahore. ADP is constantly developing its knowledge base, seeking to understand the causes of stagnation, and working to integrate this understanding into its projects.

What Makes ADP Different?

There are several elements of ADP’s model that are unique:

  1. Encouraging Social Entrepreneurship – ADP strives to support promising social entrepreneurs and NGOs whose work can lead to new models of development. We prefer to fund innovative projects that may not receive funding from other sources. Encouraging passionate social pioneers and volunteerism can give a boost to development and improve the prospects for significant, lasting impact.
  2. Active Community Involvement – ADP encourages its members to seek out promising projects, raise funds and work closely with NGOs to help them achieve their goals. Our vision is to promote active engagement of the worldwide community in Pakistan’s development. Grass-roots volunteerism is key to building a stronger civil society.
  3. Minimal Overhead – ADP is a volunteer-driven organization, with no salaried staff. Our goal is to send almost all of the funds.
  4. High level of transparency – ADP financial statements are available through its web site. With intense scrutiny in the US as far as non-profits are concerned, ADP works diligently to ensure integrity and maintain a healthy funds management.

Patient treated at Munawwar Memorial Hospital in Chakwal

Streamlined Project Model

Our project model is both simple and streamlined. Basically we go through a 4 Stage process in order to identify and execute projects, keeping in mind the overall mission:

  1. Find Project – This could be through personal recommendations, NPO outreach, and web submissions.
  2. Evaluate – NPO Q&A process, site visits, rigorous discussions and voting among team members helps identify and lock down projects.
  3. Fund – On-line donations, corporate grants, fundraiser events help implement and execute projects.
  4. Monitor – One of the key elements of ADP’s vision is to provide complete transparency into how donations are being used to address the skeptical donors, ADP has established a highly transparent project and financial monitoring system by publishing detailed financial reports, project reports, site visits, feedback and NPO reports and pictures on their web site

Salman Ahmad performing in an ADP concert held in Boston

Remarkable Accomplishment

In a short span of two years, ADP has completed six projects in collaboration with various NGOs. The project focus has touched different areas – computer learning, health care training, vision restoration, nomad children vaccination and more.

What are some of the most effective relief organizations on the ground, in Pakistan, that your alliance members have chosen as beneficiaries of the funds raised, or partners in delivering relief supplies?

Obviously, agencies such as the WFP and the IOM are doing essential life-saving work. There are many other international and local relief aid agencies which are doing incredible work on the ground as well. In terms of local NGO’s in the field, Edhi and Sungi have very solid reputations. On the international side, organizations such as Mercy Corps, CARE and the IRC have extensive aid efforts in place.

Earthquake Relief Effort – Immediate and Beyond

In the wake of the horrendous earthquake in Pakistan, ADP response was both swift and concrete by implementing an online donation portal for earthquake relief and redevelopment, with Edhi Foundation, President’s Relief Fund and ADP Earthquake Redevelopment Fund as the beneficiaries. Donors have helped ADP collect over a $300K dollars. Building on this successful campaign, ADP launched the Relief Shelter Project in collaboration with RSD (Relief Shelter Drive) to provide disaster survivors shelter from cold winters. ADP will soon launch a project to address the longer-term needs of the communities affected by the earthquake.

ADP Events

ADP organizes different types of fundraisers and event to help generate the organization’s awareness, raise fund for projects and allow people from all walks of life to enjoy some choice entertainment and useful discussions. Recent events included, a discussion held by Ali Raza Khan, Director of Pakistan National Youth Service, on the present youth population of Pakistan and a fundraiser concert by Salman Ahmad.

Go Ahead…Make a Difference!

ADP religiously believes in achieving more as a team than as an individual. Each member is devoting time, effort and personal resources to support ADP projects. There are many ways to participate with ADP – making financial donations, joining ADP as a member, participating in the forums to discuss development issues concerning Pakistan. With on going projects, there are opportunities for you to contribute to the development of Pakistan in many different ways – no matter where you are in the world!

Please visit to learn more about ADP and different ways to play a part in the future of Pakistan.

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