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How would you introduce your magazine to our readers? How often does it come out?

It’s a quarterly lifestyle glossy, one of a kind in the market. We prize ourselves to be the only lifestyle magazine in its true essence; our topics include health, environment, fashion, arts & entertainment and living.

Who is the team behind High Profile Magazine?

Reza Hassan Zaidi – Publishing Editor/CEO

Fahad Rana – Creative/Managing Director

Zainab Reza – Managing Editor

What was your inspiration behind creating a magazine? What is the story behind the name?

There was a need for a lifestyle magazine within Pakistan because most magazines here are based on fashion. There was a niche that needed to be tapped, and hence we created this magazine. As far as the name, we decided on High Profile because we wanted to create an exclusive image – from the content to the layout to the printing and paper.

You recently had a launch party for your fifth issue, which had a very interesting theme, tell us about that.

The theme of the fifth issue is Pro-Pakistan, celebrating the positive side of our country. We got together with Samsung Corby and organized a unique event which featured a fashion musée. The top ten fashion designers presented their best outfit for the season, donned by their models. This was presented by dedicating an area to each designer, which was decorated by interior designers. The top designers, stylists, models, interior designers, musicians and photographers all came together on one platform for the very first time in Pakistan. In essence, it was a very high profile event in which the who’s who of Pakistan participated in and also attended.

Do you plan on distributing it abroad?

Yes, we have already started distribution in London and Canada from the fifth issue. We are looking at other international markets for the forthcoming issues.

Who is your target market?

Our target readers are 18 and older. HPF is for people who are educated and want to learn more about what’s happening in various fields around the world; we carry content that would appeal to people not only in Pakistan, but in the international market also.

What kind of challenges do you face when putting an issue together?

The biggest challenge we face is finding good writers to contribute for our editorials as we pride ourselves on carrying very authentic material.

With so many magazines out in Pakistan, how do you stay competitive in the market?

Our basic ethos is lifestyle, which is what puts us apart in the market. We have a lot more content to offer in comparison to other magazines. Since we are a quarterly magazine, you can keep it on the coffee table for three months and still have something new to read, thus we’ve carved our own niche.

Lastly, what is your message to the readers of The Saturday Post?

Despite the turmoil happening in our country, we have to stay positive and work together to represent the Pakistan that we know.




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