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BEWARE: These are always a hit or miss depending on what you pair them with. Wearing them with low-rise bottoms or in formal and professional settings is a bad idea.

BEST WITH: High-rise pants or shorts are always a good option, and skinny jeans can work as well.

P.S. Cropped tees are a definite trend this summer, but if midriff-exposure isn’t your thing, cropped tops work well for layering as well, maybe with a bright tank top underneath.


BEWARE: Subtlety is key with this. It’s so easy to match your tribal necklace with your tribal shoes with your tribal pants and then throw in a tribal tank to match. Say no.

BEST WITH: Tribal accents are the way to go – jewelry is a great way to do this and saves you from the danger of going overboard with it.

P.S. These should really be statement pieces, look for something unique that you would want in your closet long after this tribal trend is over.


BEWARE: Again, as with the tribal prints, there should be one neon item in your outfit – no more or you may end up looking like a traffic cone. All neon is something no one should ever consider.

BEST WITH: Neon nails are big this summer, but you can take this trend further and go for neon pants or a pair of neon stilettos. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

P.S. Neon pinks, greens and oranges look better with darker, tanned skin while neon yellows and blues work well with lighter complexions. It’s all about knowing what color palette looks good on you.


BEWARE: These pants are all about their shape, so don’t hide it away by wearing them with big boxy T-shirts. Also, these are best worn in smart-casual to formal settings, so plan your outfit accordingly.

BEST WITH: Tank tops – all sorts, hi-lo, swing, fitted, etc. For a more dressy look, you can pair them with loose-fitted blouses. Mix and match with another trend on this list and go with a printed sheer blouse with a pair of cigarette pants!

P.S. Floral or printed cigarette pants are big right now. Rachel Bilson and co. have been seen out and about in them already. Get a pair as soon as possible!


BEWARE: The only way to ensure that sheer equals classy is to remember to wear something underneath.

BEST WITH: Go for neutrals, blacks, and whites – they will become timeless pieces that you can keep in your closet forever. It’s all about contrast here, using other pieces like pants and blazers to offset the sheers, harsh black lines against sheer white and lace work really well.

P.S. These can work so well in a professional or formal setting but with a little creativity, sheers can go a long way when it comes to everyday wear too. 


BEWARE: These are not for practical, day-to-day wear. Wear them strictly when going out, never to work or to do your grocery shopping.

BEST WITH: Works so well to complete your outfit – it’s the most convenient accessory ever!

Whenever you think your ensemble needs something else, more often than not, this will work to pull it all together.

P.S. If you want to make a statement – the more it clashes with your outfit, the better.

Article by Neha Kamran, Philadelphia Correspondent

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