Ayesha Mustafa – Founder of FashionComPassion

Posted August 24, 2012 by admin in Fashion
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A social entrepreneur, Ayesha Mustafa is the founder of Fashion ComPassion, a brand that is based on the principles of socially responsible, sustainable fashion.

Ayesha grew up in Karachi, Lahore, Cairo, New York & Dubai and currently lives in London. With a bachelor’s degree in Politics and Economics from Mount Holyoke College in USA and a Masters in Media & Communications from City University in London, Ayesha’s corporate career has been diverse, from law to marketing to social and development work.  It was in fact during her time at the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, that Ayesha experienced first-hand the positive impact sustainable interventions could have on the unprivileged communities. This inspired her to adapt what she had learnt and apply it the context of socially responsible fashion, a concept she had been focused on for some time. Through her work, Ayesha’s aim is to help create an awareness of socially conscious fashion, the importance of empowering women through job creation & skill training, showcasing high end socially responsible fashion that moves away from pity buying and create a sustainable solution against poverty for women. Following extensive research and travelling to visit some of the people and communities with whom she wanted to work, in November 2010, Ayesha launched Fashion ComPassion.  Today, under her pioneering vision, the brand retails products from over eight countries including Jordon, Lebanon, U.A.E, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Kenya.

FashionComPassionConsidered one of the most influential retailers in the field of socially responsible fashion products from Fashion ComPassion have been sported by some of the world’s leading personalities including Anne Hathaway, Livia Firth, Lily Cole, Jenny McCarthy and Eva Longoria to name a few.

Establishing Fashion ComPassion was perhaps inevitable for Ayesha, who has from a young age maintained an admiration for fashion and a passion for philanthropy. Indeed her mandate for Fashion ComPassion is to support marginalized and underprivileged women, incorporate and adhere to fair trade practices, to foster entrepreneurship and vocational skills by training and improving design skills and knowledge of the artisans and by giving back a percentage of profits to the artisans. Ayesha is currently a member of part of the Fellowship 500 of the Ethical Fashion Forum, Board Member of 85 Broads London Chapter and Member of Junior Leadership Circle Women for Women International. She is a mentor for the Tony Blair Foundation and for Women Entrepreneurs at the Cherie Blair Foundation. She has also most recently started work with Mosaic, an organisation that endeavours to inspire young people from deprived communities to realise their talent and potential.

Ayesha will be launching Fashion ComPassion in Pakistan in September 2012 in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.



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