Saeein ka (US) Tour bhi Saeein!

Posted November 13, 2012 by admin in Entertainment

Image courtesy Ali Gul Pir Facebook Page

Article by Rida Naeem

Ali Gul Pir, the comedian who originated the societal idiom of referring to oneself or something as ‘Saeein’ and who infamously made Wasim Akram rap and dance, is set to land in the US for his first US tour ever.

Organized by the same organization (New England Foundation of the Arts) that arranged Noori, Arieb Azhar, and Zeb and Haniya to perform in the US earlier this year, our satirical Saeein, will be one of the first Pakistani comedians to be invited by the US government to perform nationally. Surprisingly, this tour is not a result of the ‘saeein fame’ as entertainers have had to apply for this initiative almost two years ago – prior to the release and conception of “Waderai Ka Beta”.

Pir is set to perform in conjunction with fellow comedian Danish Ali, a doe-eyed MD turned punster, under the name of ‘Very Live’. It has been said regarding their performances that encounters with these comedic trailblazers move merrily from sketch comedy to improvised riffs to musical numbers, as they relentlessly send up mores, taboos, and political tensions inside and surrounding Pakistan.

So far, they are scheduled to take up stage in New Hampshire and Rhode Island in early November. Their tour dates and locations can be checked here.

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