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Eat-a-boo is the first of it’s kind to be launched in Pakistan, a restaurant for kids to eat and be entertained!  Owned by renowned actor Faisal Qureshi, Eat-a-Boo is a place he opened while keeping his own children in mind – an interesting restaurant that encourages good eating habits and rewards kids for finishing their meals.  With Eat-a-Boo currency, children can choose the toys of their choice from the gift-rack. Keep your children entertained with Eat-a-boo’s state-of-the-art games, 3D TVs, iPads and much more!

Eat-a-boo’s friendly atmosphere and healthy menu makes it a wonderful place for families to enjoy themselves.  The menu includes delicious meals that are served creatively to appeal to children.  The fresh milkshakes and juices are a must try.  Eat-a-boo serves no junk food and emphasizes the use of natural sweeteners, such as honey.  Conveniently located at Zamzama, Karachi, Eat-a-boo is a place that you must take your children.

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